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Benefits of  Wool Bedding for Babies & Adults

Wool is Mother Nature's wonder fiber with benefits for everyone.

Wool has become a year-round mainstream nursery item. 

* Highly recommended for fussy or unwell babies, it is wonderfully beneficial for all infants.
* Pure lambswool soothes and comforts infants, reducing stress and restless movement
while promoting peaceful sleep
* Researchers found when babies lay directly on lambswool, their activity rate is lowered
producing a deeper, more restful sleep as well as promoting a faster growth rate.
* Hospitals use wool pads for preemies to both stimulate and relax them.
* Benefits are the same when baby is placed directly on a wool, on a sheet over the wool
or wrapped in a wool blanket.

Special Benefits for adults

* Studies have shown that your heart rate lowers when you sleep on a natural surface, resulting in a deeper sleep.
If you currently use a synthetic mattress treated with chemical fire retardants, it is recommended that you add a natural wool topper.
* Wool mattress pads are incredibly healing, breathable and great for circulation- and they feel so good.
* Very therapeutic for anyone who has to spend a long time in bed (helps prevent bed sores) .
* Can be helpful for people dealing with fibromyalgia.
* WOOL IS RESILIENT, SUPPORTING AND SOOTHING With wool you will not get flat bedding like with other fibers. Those who suffer from fibromyalgia, arthritis and rheumatism find that wool supports them with cushioned softness. Wool’s springiness relieves pressure points and muscle aches as wool recovers 95% of its original shape when compressed whereas synthetic substitutes recover only 67% to 79%. Hospitals have used wool to enhance their patient’s comfort for years. 

  Benefits for everyone & the Planet

* Wool is the most hydrophilic of all fibers & has the ability to wick away excess moisture.
It can absorb up to 30% of its weight in water without feeling clammy or wet to touch. It then releases this moisture into the atmosphere to keep the wearer feeling warm and dry. This ensures that your or your baby’s skin remains dry
& at an even temperature.

* The perfect insulator, it is warm in winter & cool in the summer as it breathes with the skin. Wool helps regulate body temperature for comfort in all seasons.

* Wool mattress pads
soften and cushion a too firm mattress as well as
providing ventilation and air flow.
* Wool fibers limit the growth of harmful bacteria and are naturally fire retardant.
* Wool will never harbor dust mites. (Dust mites don't like wool)
* Organic wool can be used by those who suffer a reaction to conventionally grown wool.

Wool is a renewable resource that re-grows on the sheep after shearing.
It is biodegradable and kinder to the environment than oil-based synthetics, which
contribute to global pollution.

What about allergies to wool?

* Wool is a natural fiber that is actually non-allergenic.

* Organic wool can be used extensively by those who normally suffer from chemical sensitivity
when in contact with conventional grown wool. 
* Those who ‘react’ to wool are actually displaying a reaction to the harsh scouring agents,
dyes and chemicals used in conventional wool production and not the wool itself.

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