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Cloth Diapering Glossary
 Cloth Diapering Glossary & Lingo

All In One: A diaper and cover combined in one, the easiest kind of cloth diaper to use.
All In Two: A two-part diaper system (waterproof layer and absorbent material).
Changing Pad: A pad designed to change your baby’s diapers on which protects the
surface baby is on to absorb accidents that occur during the changing process.
Contour Diaper: An hourglass shaped diaper that lays in a velcro or snap-closing cover.
Deodorizer: Used to treat/prevent odor in your diaper pail.
Diaper Liner: A thin, single-layer piece of fabric laid between the baby and the diaper.
A liner is designed to help keep diapers clean through baby’s bowel movements and also
to protect your diapers from any creams or solutions you put on baby.
Diaper Pail: A pail for holding dirty cloth diapers.
Diaper Rash: A condition where a child’s bottom is irritated and red. In severe cases the
rash may contain blisters.
Diaper Rocks: A term used to describe the result of fabric fraying and forming little balls
on the inside of a diaper through repeated washings.
Diaper Service: A business that will provide and launder cloth diapers for you.
Diaper Train: A term used to describe a string of diapers attached to each other after the
washer and/or dryer. Securing velcro prior to adding to the washer can help prevent this.
Doubler: A rectangular or contoured pad added to a diaper for extra absorption.
Fastener: What you use to secure your diapers on your child. This can include pins,
"Snappi" diaper fasteners, hook and loop tape, ties, and snaps.
Fitted Diaper: A cloth diaper similar in shape to a disposable diaper, but will require a cover.
Flatfold: A square, single-layer diaper that will require folding to be used on your child.
Fleece Cover: A very breathable, light diaper cover made of polyester fleece.
Inserts: An absorbent pad designed for stuffing pocket diapers.
Lanolizing: The process of restoring the water resistant quality to your wool diapers
and/or covers.
Laundry Tab: A strip of hook or loop tape attached to your diaper so you can
secure your hook and loop closures to prevent a diaper train in the wash.
Night Time Cover: A cover designed for long periods of use, such as during a nap or night time.
Night Time Diaper: A diaper designed with extra absorption and sometimes a thicker
cover to prevent leaks during long periods of use.
Nylon Cover: A breathable, sturdy synthetic material used for diaper covers.
One-Size Diaper: A single diaper that will adjust to fit multiple sizes. Comes in fitted,
All in One and Pocket Diaper varieties.
Pill: A term used to describe the appearance of tiny fabric balls present on some fabrics after washing.
Pins: A tool used to fasten diapers involving a sharp end inserted through the diaper fabric
and enclosed in a plastic or metal head, securing the diaper on your child.
Pocket All In One Diaper: An All In One and Pocket Diaper combined.
Pocket Diaper: A two-layer diaper consisting of a waterproof outer layer and a soft inner
layer. You will insert absorbent material through the “pocket” in the diaper before use.
Prefold: A prefold diaper is a rectangle-shaped diaper with three columns, the middle
being the thickest. Folding is still required for use as a diaper on your child.
PUL Cover: A breathable cover made with polyurethane laminate, in several thicknesses.
Snappi® Diaper Fastener: A newer tool used to fasten diapers instead of pins.
This fastener has three legs, each leg has a plastic end with teeth that dig into the fabric.
You secure the sides and the crotch with each end, keeping the diaper on your child.
Stash: A term used to describe a cloth diaper collection.
Stripping: A process used to remove detergent build up in diapers.

Stuffing: A term used to describe inserting absorbent material (doubler, prefold, diaper insert)
into a pocket diaper.
Swim Diaper: A non-absorbent diaper made for swimming. This will keep solid waste in
without absorbing water from the pool (which can become heavy and pose a drowning
Toilet Sprayer: A tool that hooks up to your toilet and assists with rinsing diapers off,
preventing the need to dunk them.
Vinyl Cover: A affordable but easily torn diaper cover made of vinyl. This is a toxic material.
Wetbag: A waterproof bag designed for holding dirty cloth diapers.
Wicking: Moisture escaping from the inside of the diaper to the outside.
Wipes: A piece of fabric or paper used to clean your child’s bottom after a diaper change.
Wool Cover: A water repellent, antibacterial and breathable diaper cover.
Wool In One: A diaper and cover combined. The cover in this case is natural wool, as
opposed to a waterproof treated fabric used in other diapers and covers.

Common Abbreviations:
AIO: All In One
PF: Prefold
FF: Flatfold
CPF: Chinese Prefold
UBCPF: Unbleached Chinese Prefold
DSQ: Diaper Service Quality
DD: Disposable Diaper
CD: Cloth Diaper (you’ll see CD’ing, CDer, CD’d, CDs, etc.)

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