New Baby Checklist
Diaper Covers

We carry 3 types of Diapers Covers to meet all of your diapering needs:
Organic Cotton w/ PUL and Traditional Waterproof Covers

~ Wool is an incredible natural fiber that makes a very absorbent cover.
~ Organic Cotton w/ PUL Covers have a layer of PUL between layers
of organic cotton or bamboo. Only organics touch baby's skin.

~ Traditional Waterproof Covers are made from synthetic materials such as polyester, nylon and PUL.

PUL is made with fabrics that have been bonded to polyurethane.
PUL is 100% waterproof, breathable, lightweight and durable.
It is a synthetic fabric that is BPA, lead & phthalate-free.

How Many?
You will need 3-4 covers for each dozen diapers with an extra 2 for the
first months. Add 2-3 per dozen diapers if using prefolds or contours.
Fewer are needed if using AIO's as the cover is built in. 

We suggest having a variety of covers and cover styles on hand for different diapering occasions.