New Baby Checklist
Diaper Liners, Doublers & Inserts
Diaper Doublers are pads placed inside any diaper to boost the absorbency.
They come in many styles and it is a good idea to have several different kinds on hand for different diapering situations.

Inserts are an absorbent material used inside of pocket diapers.  They come in a great variety of absorbency, bulk and shape.  You can use anything to stuff your pocket diapers including prefolds, burp cloths etc.

Liners  are used to line the inside of a cloth diaper to make stool removal easy.
They are also used to pull wetness away from baby's skin into the diaper underneath.
Silk liners can be used when your child has a diaper rash as a safe, natural remedy.
Liners are thin and do not  increase absorbency or the the bulk of a cloth diaper.

All the doublers on this page are organic.