New Baby Checklist
Wrist Measurement Chart

How do I determine the right sized bracelet for baby?

Using the Wrist Measurement Chart below is an easy way to determine the right sized bracelet for a baby.  Identify the age of the baby and the chart will tell you which length/size to order.  It is that simple.  However, these are general guidelines and each child is different.  To get a more accurate fit,  measure your child's wrist with a tape measure and it should lightly wrap around the wrist with no gaps.  Then add a 1/2 inch to that measurement to get a baby bracelet size.  For a toddler or child size, add either a 1/2 inch or 3/4 inch depending upon how loose you would like the bracelet to fit. Getting the best measurement for an adult bracelet will need precise measuring.  Please take the time to accurately determine your wrist measurement.  Resizing a bracelet is an additional cost plus the shipping.  Don't worry, it is not hard just follow my simple instructions below.

How do I get the most precise wrist measurement for an adult/teenager?

To determine your wrist measurement, simply measure your wrist at the widest part of the wrist bone with a soft flexible measuring tape.  The tape should be snuggly wrapped around the bone but not too tight.  And, then add an extra inch for a comfortable fit.  This is an approximate sizing and does not guarantee perfect sizing.  Most women fall into one of the four wrist sizes: small, medium, large or extra large. 

From this measurement, we will design the bracelet of your choice adding any additional length if needed to account for the clasp style and size of beads.  Occasionally, the adult bracelet length noted on the chart  below  may not  be the actual length of the bracelet because it is largely dependent on bead size and clasp used. 

FYI: The length of a bracelet is measured from the tip of the clasp to the end of the jump ring.


Wrist Measurement Chart
Newborn Baby 4.25"
3 - 6 months 4.5"
6 - 12 months 4.75"
12 - 18 months  5.0"
18 - 24 months  5.5"
2 - 3 years  5.75"
4 - 5 years 6.0"
6 - 7 years 6.5"
8 - 12 years 6.75"
Adult Petite 6.5"
Adult Small 7.0"
Adult Medium 7.50"
Adult Large 8.0"
Adult XLarge 8.5"