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Moby Wrap Instructions
Moby Wrap- Wrapping Instructions


Your Moby Wrap comes with a 20 page full color booklet with pictures to help you through each step of getting used to wearing your Wrap. Below are the basic instructions for tying and 2 of the 12 ways to carry your baby. Don't be discouraged, it's a lot easier than it looks and the benefits are phenominal.

It may take 3-5 attempts of wrapping to feel confident with the process. Try watching yourself in the mirror while you put on your Moby Wrap. Practice with a doll or large stuffed animal. When introducing your baby to the Moby Wrap make sure baby is fed and happy. 

Wrapping Instructions, with Maria
This method of wrapping works with the Hug, Cradle, Lotus, Joey and Twin Holds.
See below for demonstrations of these ways to carry your baby. 

*Moby Wrap – color: Lilac

1. Place the Moby Wrap across your waist with the logo tag centered at your navel.

2. Cross the two sides behind your back and bring over your shoulders, back to front.

3. Tuck one end of the Moby Wrap under the logo section, top to bottom.


4. Tuck the other end under the logo section.

5. Cross the end pieces in the front and bring the fabric behind your back.

6. You now have the option of tying a knot here.

7. If there is enough fabric, bring the wrap back to the front and tie a double knot.

8. Spread the fabric over your shoulders and back for a comfortable fit.

Cradle Hold with Toby and Kaitlyn, 3 months
*Moby Wrap – color: Red

1. Fold the fabric that is over your shoulders in half. This will create a pocket on each shoulder.

2. Carefully place baby’s upper body into the pocket that is closest to your body.

3. Spread the fabric over baby’s torso and bottom, supporting your baby with your other arm.


4. Place the baby’s legs into the opposite pocket. Spread the fabric over baby’s legs, bottom and back.

5. Find the logo section from the center of the Moby Wrap. Gently pull this portion of the fabric up and over baby.

6. Spread the fabric on your shoulders for a comfortable fit.


HUG HOLD with Joleen and Bella, 5 months

*Moby Wrap – color: Indigo

1. Locate the shoulder piece that is closest to your body.

2. While holding your baby on your shoulder, carefully put baby’s first leg through the shoulder piece.

3. Spread the fabric over baby’s bottom and shoulder.


4. Tuck baby’s second leg under the opposite piece while supporting the upper body.

5. Spread the fabric of the second piece, covering baby’s bottom and shoulder.

6. Locate the logo piece and gently put baby’s legs through this section.

7. Pull the logo piece of fabric up and over baby.

8. You may tuck baby’s head under one of the shoulder sections of fabric for additional support.