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About Us

We are a family business that began when we set out to find the very best and purest products for the children and grandchildren coming into our lives.

We live in an isolated area and so had to choose from the offerings on the internet. Comparing experiences with each other, we soon realized that our shopping was both difficult and confusing.  We found that "organic" sometimes wasn't and that neither fabric
contents nor sourcing were clearly stated. 

After ordering "plush, soft velour" and then holding a low quality, high priced, synthetic, made-in-a-sweatshop item in my hands, this website was born.

We have gathered together many products to fit a wide range of needs and budgets - from the practical to the luxurious. Rest assured that all are (at least) good quality, non toxic and safe for your family.

ALL the clothing, bedding and cloth diapers we sell are made from natural fibers, organically grown and processed without harmful chemicals.

We try to support Work at Home Moms and small businesses (having been there ourselves) and so offer many unique items from these women and companies.
As much as possible, our products are fair traded or made in USA.

You will find the fabric contents clearly stated on each item. Where a few products contain synthetic materials, we state that too, so you can make an informed choice.

We would use all of the products we offer. Many of them we do.

 We welcome your feedback.
Help us make Nature's Baby Blankets a great place to shop! 


One of life's greatest pleasures is cuddling a newborn. 
Enjoy this great blessing.