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eLayaway™ FAQ's

What is eLayaway™?

 eLayaway is On Line Layaway at it's best. The secure online process makes it easy to afford the things you want most.

Like traditional Layaway, eLayaway allows you to make payments on a variety of products, with delivery upon payment in full.

There are No Credit Checks! All you pay is one time charge of 3.9% per transaction to use eLayaway. In essence, it's $1.90 per $100 spent, that's it!

How Does eLayaway Work?

Like traditional layaway, with eLayaway™ you make payments over time for items that you reserve, and receive your product or service once your order is paid in full.

With eLayaway, you can customize the size of your monthly payments by adjusting how many monthly payments you will have (up to six months), and you do not have to worry about keeping track of your payments because eLayaway™ will automatically deduct your monthly payments from your checking account.

eLayaway™ makes the products  you want easier to afford and also offers:

  • A convenient way to plan and pay for your online purchase with Nature's Baby Blankets
  • Zero Interest on All Transactions
  • FREE Membership
  • Easy to Use Shopping Tools
  • No Credit Checks or Credit Requirements
How to use eLayaway™ to pay for your purchase.
  When you select eLayaway as your payment option on the Check Out page, you will be directed to create an account (this is free and easy) and to make your payment arrangements.
You set the number of payments (up to six months) over which you will pay for your purchase and you can adjust the specific dates when eLayaway™ will automatically deduct each payment from your checking account.
You will receive your order once it is paid in full.  We work closely with eLayaway and will process your order the same day the last payment is made.
 What if I only want to pay for part of my order with  eLayaway™?
In this case, you would have to place two orders. We will remove the $8.00 handling fee from your Credit Card before we bill you on the second order. That order will be shipped immediately.
Benefits of eLayaway™
*  More Buying Power
eLayaway™ offers a safe and affordable payment alternative without tying up your credit or subjecting the purchase to high-interest credit card fees.
*  No Credit Checks or Special Qualifications
Anyone 18 years old or older can join. No credit card required. All you need is an active checking account.
*  Freedom From Credit Cards
If you are near or beyond your credit limit or simply want to avoid high interest credit card fees, eLayaway™ is the smart choice for you.
*  Flexible Payment Schedules
Similar to traditional layaway, eLayaway™ lets you make regular installments on a good or service, with delivery upon payment in full. Unlike traditional layaway, with eLayaway™ you set the number of payments over which you will pay for your purchase and you can adjust the specific dates when eLayaway™ will automatically deduct each payment from your checking account.
*  A Tool for Planning Ahead
eLayaway™ makes it easy for smart shoppers like you to plan ahead to buy all the gear you need for your baby.
*  No Hidden Charges or Mounting Interest
eLayaway™ makes shopping painless by eliminating hidden charges and monthly interest fees. Members pay a one-time transaction fee of just 1.9% on the initial purchase price – no matter which payment schedule you choose.
*  Trusted Merchants
Use eLayaway™ with Nature's Baby Blankets just as you would any other payment option.
You have the right to cancel any purchase and will receive a refund less a standard cancellation fee of $25.
*  Security and Identity Protection
eLayaway™ has partnered with trusted experts like HSBC, ControlScan and IDology to ensure the security and integrity of every transaction. Identity verification measures are integrated into the eLayaway™ system to prevent fraudulent purchases. To ensure full accountability, all eLayaway™ payments are stored in merchant escrow accounts until the transaction is completed. The eLayaway™ payment module has built-in 256-bit SSL encryption to keep transaction data secure.