New Baby Checklist
Toxins in Baby Toys & Gear

Fortunately, conscious parents are fast becoming aware of the toxic chemicals in childrens' products and have made their voices heard.

Unfortunately, wheels move slowly -  it's a good idea to stay informed so as to protect your precuous children.

What is PVC?
PVC, polyvinyl chloride, is a rigid plastic that requires toxic chemicals to make it stable and soft for use in many baby items.

What is BPA?
BPA, Bisphenol-A, is added to hard clear polycarbonate plastics like those in baby bottles to incresase durability.

What are Phthalates?
Phthalates are plasticizers used to soften PVC plastics in teething rings and many, many other toys.

Are they harmful to my baby? Definitely!
Vinyl Chloride is a known carcinogen, entering  the body through touch and inhalation.
Vinyl /PVC is largely regarded as one of the most toxic plastics in use today.
*  Lead and Cadmium, common stabilizers for PVC, are very toxic- especially to young children.
*  BPA and Pthalates have been shown to disrupt hormonal functions (early puberty, reproductive defects) and cause other health and developemental problems. They leach out of baby products when chewed on, entering children’s bodies.

 PVC products break down quickly, releasing these harmful
chemicals into your child's environment and body!

New Government Regulations: Are they enough?

The US Federal government has finally taken steps to reduce the amount of  PVC in some children's products.
As of Feb. 10 2009, the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) issued a ban on certain varieties of phthalates.

However, other phthalates have only been banned for teethers and other objects expected to be placed into a child’s mouth, so they still may be present in children's backpacks & luggage, diaper bags,  crib mattresses & changing mats.
Another phthalate chemical known to cause cancer (DnHP) has not yet been banned at all.
Since the ban, other plasticizer substitutes are now being used whose safety has yet to be demonstrated.

Why Take the Risk?

~ Babies develop by exploring through their senses and putting everyhting in their mouths .
~ Because babies and children are at delicate points of development, exposure to and ingesting these products can cause serious permanent damage.
~ PVC is not only a threat when it is in use but also when in production and disposal.
~ Toxic chemicals are released into the environment contributing to air pollution and groundwater contamination.

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