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2 Pack LANACare Merino Doublers

2 Pack LANACare Merino Doublers
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For super absorbency, try a LANACare Merino Wool Diaper Doubler and transform a light diaper or cover into an ultra absorbent one without the bulk.

This is such a great idea! Although sold by the manufacturer as inserts for their wool covers, they work just as well with all kinds of diapers and covers.

Made from 100% untreated, felted wool that is so soft you'll thinks it's velour.

But, if you prefer not to put the wool next to baby's skin, slip the doubler between the diaper and the cover.

Add these to training pants for a lot of absorbency that doesn't feel like a diaper.

Doublers/inserts measure 4 x 12 inches and are sold in packs of 2.

Wash and Care:
Please click on "Washing Wool Covers " or "LanaCare Wool Soap" link at the bottom of the page to learn how easy it is to care for your Wool Diaper Inserts. The following article also contains washing information.

SAVE $3.50 when purchased with a LanaCare Wool Cover. See link below.

Why use a Wool Diaper Cover?
For a fascinating and fact filled answer to this question, click here to read "The Story Behind LANACare Diaper Covers"

Will my baby have an allergy to a Wool Diaper Cover?
LANACare wool has been tested to show that it does not contain dust mites - a growing concern as a cause of allergies. For those considering themselves allergic to wool, most actually react to the chemicals used in processing the raw wool or to extract the natural lanolin from the wool, not the wool itself. No such chemicals are used on LANACare wool, in reality making it hypo-allergenic!

More about LANACare Products:
Only wool that meets Europe’s highest ecological standards is used. It has been tested to prove that it contains no harmful substances, receiving Oeko-Tex and KBT Organic Certification. No pesticides have been used on the fields where the sheep graze, nor have any harsh chemicals been used to wash the wool - a guarantee that you and your baby can rest peacefully with LANACare products.

The wool comes from Australia and the covers are produced in Lithuania.
The company maintains high standards and the owner of LANACare is proud to say that she pays those who work in the factory a very competitive wage compared with other workers in the same industry.

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