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Organic Merino Wool Sleep Sack ~ Preemie to 2 Yrs ~ No Zippers

Organic Merino Wool Sleep Sack ~ Preemie to 2 Yrs ~ No Zippers
Beautiful on a newborn!Perfect on a larger baby, too.Details
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So soft, cuddly and practical, LanaCare's Organic Merino Wool Sleep Sack is the ultimate in warmth and comfort.

This is the only wool sleep sack we have found that is 100% pure organic wool; your baby will be safe and warm all night long.

The clever foldover flaps on the bottom edge make diaper changes a breeze.

Great for toddlers: you can leave the flaps open while they are
still up and walking around then close the botoom when it's
time to sleep.

Only the softest and finest organic merino wool is selected to use in this sleeper bag - you won’t find a softer natural wool.

This sleeper gown is light weight while being very warm, regulating baby's body temperature and ensuring that
your child will feel just right - never too hot or too cold.

- Available in undyed, natural white & soft sand
- Merino wool is never itchy- even next to newborn skin.
- Clever flip-fold closure at bottom allows for easy changes.
- No Irritating zipper, simply slip over baby's head like a tee.
- Body temperature stays consistent, baby won't overheat
- Breathable, hypoallergenic, odor, dust mite and fire resistant.
- Wool fibers disperse moisture from the skin so baby stays warm even when wet.

Size 44: Preemie, fits babies 4-6 lbs, 17.5" long
Size 50: 0-3 months, fits babies up to 20" long
Size 62: 3-6 months, fits babies up to 24.5" long
Size 74: 6-9 months, fits babies up to 29" long
Size 80: 9-12 months, fits babies up to 32" long
Size 86: 12-18 months, fits babies up to 34" long

A Note about Sizing:
European sizes correspond to your baby/child's length in centimeters.
For best fit, choose the size that corresponds to your baby's length.
Size by age is an estimate, and as we know, all babies are unique!

Wash and Care:
- Wash as seldom as possible in order to retain the wool's natural lanolin.
- When wet, simply air-dry or dry over a mild heat source.
- Spot clean by rinsing the area under the faucet in lukewarm water.
- When necessary, hand wash gently with LANACare lanolin-replenishing soap.
- Use lukewarm water - cold and/or hot water may cause shrinking and felting.
- Gently squeeze out water, then place or roll in a towel, to press out excess water.
- A quick shake to re-shape, then lay flat or hang dry away from direct sunlight.

Find Wool Soap & more LANACare Products in the Wool Clothing page.
Link is below.

More about LANACare Products:
Meets Europe’s highest ecological standards, Oeko-Tex and KBT Organic certified.
No pesticides have been used on the fields where the sheep graze, nor have any
harsh chemicals been used to wash the wool.

What about Allergies to Wool?
LANACare wool has been tested to show that it does not contain dust mites - a cause of allergies. Most people who are allergic to wool are actually reacting to the chemicals used in processing the raw wool,
not the wool itself. No such chemicals are used on LANACare wool, in reality making it hypo-allergenic!

Made in Denmark.

Usually ships in 3 business days.

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