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Organic Wool Camisole & Short Sleeve Shirt ~ Sizes 2-6 Yrs

Organic Wool Camisole & Short Sleeve Shirt ~  Sizes 2-6 Yrs
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Incredibly soft, soothing and warm, Hocosa's  
Organic Wool Camisole Tank Top and
Short Sleeve Shirt
are the perfect under
layers to keep kids warm in cool weather.

Wool clothing provides an essential base layer of warmth, regulating body temperature and ensuring that your child will always feel just right - never too hot or too cold.

Hocosa uses the softest and finest organic wool available. It is never itchy and soft enough to be
worn directly against sensitive skin.

Very warm, yet light weight and not bulky, you
won't notice these under any type of clothing.

· Made of soft, organic merino wool & silk.
· Silk is spun into the wool fibers- this fabric is smoother & more comfortable.
· 70/30% wool/silk blend unites the best qualities of each for a unique textile.
· Wool absorbs moisture without feeling wet, keeping you warm & dry.
· Silk provides durability and extra softness.
Tank Camisole and Short Sleeve Shirts have a comfortable solid trim crew neck.
Both also are designed long enough to stay tucked in. 
Camisole works nicely as a slip under a light weight dress.
The style is the same for both boy and girls.

* Sizes correspond to your child’s height in centimeters.
* For the best fit, please measure your child! 1in = 2.5 cm.
* Size up when in doubt or so they will last all season.

Size 92 = 37 inches (about  1 - 2 Years)
Size 104 = 41.5 inches (about 3 - 4 Years)
Size 116 = 46.5 inches (about 4 - 6 Years)

- Wool is naturally self-cleaning and quite easy to care for.
- The natural lanolin removes odors & bacteria as clothing airs out
- Wash as seldom as possible in order to retain the wool's natural lanolin.
- Hand or machine wash on gentle with a lanolin-replenishing soap.
- Use lukewarm water - cold and/or hot water may cause shrinking and felting.
- Gently squeeze out water, then place or roll in a towel, to press out excess water.
- A quick shake to re-shape, then lay flat or hang dry away from direct sunlight.
- Never put woolens in the dryer- they will shrink!
- See link below for wool washing soap.

Hocosa of Switzerland has produced warm clothing from organic fine merino wool
since 1886.  Hocosa's clothing is certified organic by GOTS and Demeter, ensuring
that their items are from the finest, purest materials available. The wool comes from
pure-bred merino sheep, grazed on pesticide-free grass and treated homeopathically
for optimal health and well-being.

What about Allergies to Wool? 
Most people allergic to wool are actually reacting to the chemicals used in processing 
the raw wool, not the wool itself. No such chemicals are used on Hocosa wool, in 
reality making it hypo-allergenic!

Made in Switzerland from certified organic, untreated wool.
Usually ships in 3 business days.

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