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Organic Wool Fleece Mattress Toppers ~ All Sizes Cradle to King

Organic Wool Fleece Mattress Toppers ~ All Sizes Cradle to King
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The softness and quality of these 100% Organic Merino Wool Fleece Mattress Pads is unsurpassed! This is by far the
softest plush fleece you have ever experienced.

This very dreamy topper is healing, breathable, great for circulation - and feels oh, so good.

Studies have shown that your heart rate lowers when you sleep on a natural surface, resulting in a deeper sleep.  Those who currently use a synthetic mattress treated with chemical fire retardants, it is very important to add a natural wool topper.

If you do one thing for your bed to improve the quality, we absolutely recommend adding a wool fleece pad 
or a mattress topper.

The "Happy Lamb Fleece" Topper is designed to be a natural alternative to a sheepskin without the chemicals of the tanned skin.
  • Constructed by weaving organic Merino wool fibers into an organic cotton backing.
  • The wool fibers are approximately 1.5" high making it cushy and comfortable.
  • Lays flat on top of the mattress and stays in place without straps. 
  • The fleece retains all of the natural qualities of sheepskin
    (absorbency, softness and cushioning) without requiring that the animal give its life.
Machine washable on gentle.
Special instructions are included with purchase.

Smaller sizes are great for traveling away from home, small rugs
or as a soft, warm blanket/ throw for cuddling on the couch.

Most sizes are cut over to allow for shrinkage, except for the Twin size
(a few inches smaller) and the King/ Cal King (one dimension for both sizes).
We created a cutting pattern which uses the fabric most efficiently and makes
the most economical products for our customers.
If different sizing is desired (for an increased price) please let us know.

Read our full article about the benefits of wool bedding.

Hand made in USA by Holy Lamb Organics with wool from sheep
organically raised in the Pacific Northwest. Cotton is 100% Organic.

Usually ships in 3-14 business days.

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