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Organic Wool CRIB Mattress Topper

Organic Wool CRIB Mattress Topper
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This high quality and beautifully made 100% Organic Merino
Wool Mattress Toppers
will add a thick, soft, comfort layer
to your baby's crib.

Pure lambswool soothes and comforts baby with a soft, swaddling effect, reduces stress & restless movement,
and promotes peaceful sleep.

The topper is perfect for a toddler's bed.  It will cushion and soften a  too firm crib mattress. Your child will truly enjoy this wonderful addition to her bed!

Wool toppers will put some distance between your baby and
a non organic mattress 
which by law contains fire retardant chemicals.

It rolls up fairly compactly and so can be used as a futon
when visiting.

* Handmade using organic cotton sateen on the outside
* Premium, pure eco grown wool batting on the inside.
* Hand tufted so no shifting will occur.
* Hand stitched around edges for strength & durability
* Measures 28" x 52"; 1" thick ; 1.5 pounds of wool batting
* Lays flat on top of the mattress without shifting
* Elastic in corners to keep it even more securely inplace.
Recommended for infants over 3 months of age.

Machine washable on gentle.
Special instructions are included with purchase.

This essential item for parents of little ones will protect your topper and/or mattress.
The slightly felted and tightly woven wool of these puddle pads makes them
aturally water repellent,  keeping dampness from getting through. 
* Made with thick, felted, 100% woven organic wool textile.
* Lays flat on top of the mattress without straps; held in place by the fitted sheet.
* This is a natural replacement for a vinyl plastic or synthetic mattress cover.

Machine washable on gentle.
Special instructions are included with purchase.

Wool has become a year-round mainstream nursery item. In the summer babies stay cool and dry when they are on wool because of natural air circulation through the fibers. In addition, wool absorbs perspiration and moisture more than any other material. Of course, wool also keeps babies warm in cool weather. Wool fibers limit the growth of harmful bacteria and are naturally fire retardant. Read more about wool in our full article.

Hand made in USA by Holy Lamb Organics with wool from sheep
organically raised in the Pacific Northwest. Cotton is 100% Organic.

Usually ships in 3-10 business days.
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