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Organic Merino Bloomers/ Diaper Cover

Organic Merino Bloomers/ Diaper Cover
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These adorable, Organic Merino Bloomers/ Diaper Covers are soft, light weight and super comfortable.

Looks like a panty, yet it's an absorbent diaper cover. Great for the summer under a dress or just with a tee.

Made from VERY soft organic wool fabric that's not itchy, this one can be used as a diaper cover on a small baby, then as a training panty for a toddler.

Why we like this diaper cover:
* It's so cute.
* Pure organic merino wool isn't scratchy.
* High rise keeps clothes dry.
* Great for all sizes thighs and waist.
* Very roomy, fits over any diaper- even the bulkiest ones.
* Stretchy fabric gives a good fit over the complete size range.

How it's made:
~ 1 layer of stretchy, 100% organic merino wool jersey
~ Soft elastic around the legs and waist for a snug fit.
~ Wool is "finished" which means shrink has been taken out.

Small fits up to 13- 18 lbs or a slim 18-24M toddler without diaper
Medium fits 16-25 lbs or a chunky 18-24M toddler without diaper
Large fits 22-35 lbs or a 2/3 Year toddler with slim night time diaper

Wash & Care: Must be lanolinized prior to first use.
Won't need to be washed after each use unless soiled.
When damp, simply air out as the naturally occurring lanolin takes care of odors.
See "Washing Wool Covers" (link below) for detailed instructions.

Why use a Wool Diaper Cover?
Wool is an incredibly efficient natural fiber that makes a very absorbent diaper cover.
It is breathable, which can cut down on diaper rash significantly for sensitive children.
It is heat regulating making it warmer in winter and cooler than PUL covers in summer.
Wool can hold up to 30% of its weight in moisture before it feels wet.
Absorbs moisture in its vapor state, releasing it into the air before bacteria can grow.
Because of this antibacterial property, wool is odor-resistant too.

For more information about Wool Covers & Organic Wool, click 'Articles' at top of page.

See Diapering Accessories for Wool Wash & Lanolin.

Made entirely in the USA by a Work-At-Home-Mom.
The wool is certified organic. It comes from sheep raised on small farms by people who understand the health of the land and animals to ensure a reliable, sustainable resource!

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