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Sky Tails Silk Tossing Toy

Sky Tails Silk Tossing Toy
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Spin It! Throw It! Catch It! Fling It!  Boys and girls alike have great fun with the Sky Tails Silk Tossing Toy.

These super fun throwing and catching toys are an excellent non competitive activity while children expend a lot of energy as they run and jump.

Features a "Bonkless" rubber ball, surrounded in soft batting, then covered in silk with 3 feet of shimmering silk that whirls through the air.
Great for teaching small children to toss and catch because it is easy to throw by the tail and does not hurt when you get hit by it. Also will bounce along the ground a few times for more catching chances.
Available in 2 styles as shown:
Rainbow comet is a red stuffed ball with a rainbow tail.
Shooting star is a stuffed golden star with a star print tail.
Both toys are made with a bouncy ball inside the stuffing.
Soft ball in the end is safe for inside or outside use.

Hand wash/ hang dry.

Sky Tails make great party favors.
Contact us for quantity pricing (5+).

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About Sarah's Silks We are a socially responsible company
dedicated to fair wages and strict safety standards. We chose
silk as it is a natural fiber and renewable resource. Our dyes
are non-toxic and the silks are easily hand-washed.

Ships in 3-5 business days.
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