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100% Organic TODDLER Diaper- Clearance

100% Organic TODDLER Diaper- Clearance
Inside the diaperThe diaper will fit a few more months- 1 setting left. Colors not available in organic.
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The Toddle-ease Diaper looks and fits like the famous Mother-Ease Sandy's line, but it creates a custom fit on our larger babies.

This is simply a great diaper that works wonderfully for heavy wetters.
Designed especially for babies from 35-45 lbs, it can absorb and astounding 17 ounces of liquid!

Your toddler will be happy with this diaper too.  It is soft, stretchy and comfortable- and stays soft wash after wash. Best of all, the diaper absorbs nighttime accidents and her bed is dry in the morning.

Made from soft and breathable 100% organic cotton terry that is woven into a stretchy fabric. 
This stretchiness is what makes the diaper fit so well, providing your child with a soft, comfortable and always beautifully-fitting diaper.

Why we REALLY like this diaper
* Always soft, wash after wash.
* The best diaper for heavy wetters
* Fits babies 35-45 pounds
* Amazingly absorbent, practically leak free.
* Very adjustable with 2 rows of side snaps 
* Sides snaps mean no wing droop
* Soft elastic in legs, front & back- NEVER leaves red marks.

~ 2 full layers of soft, stretchy knit, organic cotton brushed terry.
~ 4 more layers sewn inside the center where you need it most.
~ Soft rib-knit covers the elastic at waist and leg openings.
~ Snaps are reinforced to ensure that they never pull out of the cloth. 
~ A sturdily sewn serged edge finishes the diaper.
~ Waist & thighs adjust separately ensuring a great fit. 

This diaper is very bulky; we recommend a full fit cover such as ImseVimse Organic cotton/PUL or a wool pant style cover.  Links to them are at bottom of the page. 

Boost the absorbency of your diapers even more with Sandy's™ Absorbent Lay-in Liners. These soft knit terry liners simply nestle in the diaper. Measure 5.5” x 14” and absorb an additional 7 oz.      

Diapers need to be washed/dried several times before reaching maximum absorbency.
See "About Cloth Diapering " link below to learn how easy it is to care for your diapers. 

 For smaller toddlers, we suggest Sandy’s fitted Diaper in size large.  This diaper fits babies 20-35 pounds. Made from the same soft stretchy terry cloth with 3 extra layers of absorbent terry sewn to the inside of the diaper, Large Sandy’s™ is one of the most absorbent cloth diapers ever- holds 15 oz. of liquid!  Link to these diapers is below.

Mother-Ease diapers are made in Canada from US grown, certified organic cotton. 

Usually ships in 2 business days.

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