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Organic DaVinci Mini Crib Mattress & Sheets ~ 23" X 36.5"

Organic DaVinci Mini Crib Mattress & Sheets ~  23" X 36.5"
Wool Outer DetailWool Puddle PadCotton Protector PadSheet Fabrics
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Our Organic DaVinci Mini Crib Mattresses and sheets are healthy alternatives to the ones that come with the bed, assuring a safer, more comfortable sleep for your infant.

Natural rubber wrapped all around with organic wool make these the sturdiest organic infant mattresses made.
 The natural rubber (no chemical additives) inside provides support and firmness with comfort, retains its shape for even support and will not develop pockets.  The mattress is durable, flexible and resilient- and will last up to 20 years.

The organic felted wool wrap makes it moisture, flame and bacteria resistant.
Meets all CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) guidelines without added chemicals.  Wool has a low flammability point and is considered flame retardant naturally.

Easy Care: Simply wipe the wool with gentle soap and water if soiled.
For wetness, just air dry - bacteria and odors will evaporate quickly.

These Sheets fit the DaVinci mini crib and other items ranging from 36-38" X 23-24".  We make
them with a fabric covered elastic band all the way around the bottom for a snug fit; fabrics are
soft and smooth against your baby's delicate skin. 3" sheets can be used on the 2" mattresses.

MATTRESS PROTECTORS: Both are flat style- no straps or ties yet they stay firmly in place.
Cotton Pad is machine wash and dry.  Made with premium USA grown organic cotton which we
needle punch in order to give it stability through many laundry cycles. Great for absorbency and
comfort.  Use white distilled vinegar for added absorbency and softness.

Wool Moisture Pads are made from a blend of organic merino and organic U.S. wool from
healthy organically raised sheep for a super soft, dense feel. The pure wool is expertly felted here
in the United States to create a perfect pad to repel any liquids. They do work better with some
cotton (like a sheet or receiving blanket) on top to absorb the liquid. 

Wash and Care. Over sized to allow for the shrinkage, you can machine wash in cool water on
delicate cycle. Hang dry indoors. Dries fast. 

A note about Mattress Protectors: 
Wool pads are water resistant, the cotton pad absorbs moisture.
For total protection from leaks and spills we recommend using both. 
The cotton pad goes on top of the wool one.
All products listed here are made in USA
Usually ships in 10 business days.

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