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Organic Custom Infant Mattress ~ ALL SHAPES ~18x36" UP TO 26 x 40"

Organic Custom Infant Mattress ~ ALL SHAPES ~18x36" UP TO 26 x 40"
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We offer these Organic Custom Infant Mattresses to assure your infant a healthy comfortable sleep.

This page is for mattresses from 18 x 36" up to 26 x 40".

The 2 or 3" Extra Firm natural rubber core pad inside provides support, firmness and comfort.

2 & 3 INCH THICK MATTRESSES, feature our EcoWool moisture pad wool fabric 
on top, sides and bottom. This moisture pad cover makes the mattress
completely flippable and resistant to accidents. 

We do recommend an absorbent cotton moisture pad to reduce need 
for washing. See link below to purchase the cotton pad. 

The oval ends vary in shape so you MUST send us a tracing of the mattress.
* It is best to use a THIN pointed marker when making the tracing.
* Use gift wrap or newspaper taped together for large paper.
* Send tracing to: Nature's Baby Blankets, 490 Maple Lane, Garberville 95542

It usually 14 business days to make the mattress.
Ships from California. Shipping time varies according to your location, from 3-7 days.

We recommend buying a sheet that is closest in size to the mattress you have ordered.
Our 100% organic cotton sheets are made with all around elastic so the same sheet
fits a variety of mattress sizes. This elastic pulls the extra sheet fabric tightly under
the mattress.  

FREE shipping.

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