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Organic CUSTOM OVAL & ODD SHAPED Bassinet Mattresses

Organic CUSTOM OVAL & ODD SHAPED Bassinet Mattresses
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We offer these Organic Custom Oval Mattresses as a healthy alternative to the one that comes with your infant's bassinet or moses basket.

These are the sturdiest organic mattresses made just for infants.

Made with an Organic wool puddle pad fabric on the outside with a 2" natural rubber core.

No need to buy a puddle pad. Simply rinse off and hang dry if soiled.

* Specifically designed to fit your baby bed
* The natural rubber provides comfortable, firm support 
* Felted wool wrap makes it moisture & flame resistant.
* Meets all CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) guidelines.

** Important Notes about Custom Oval Mattresses:**
- MAXIMUM SIZE: 18 X 36. For larger sizes, click on link at bottom of page.
- The oval ends always vary in shape so you MUST send us a tracing of the mattress.
* It is best to use a THIN pointed marker when making the tracing.
* Use gift wrap or newspaper taped together for large paper.
* Send tracing to: Nature's Baby Blankets, 490 Maple Lane, Garberville 95542

We recommend buying a sheet that is closest in size to the mattress you
have ordered. Our 100% organic cotton sheets are made with all around
elastic so the same sheet fits a variety of mattress sizes. This elastic pulls
the extra sheet fabric tightly under the mattress for a perfect fit.

Some interesting facts about Natural Rubber Mattresses:
- Made from a renewable resource
- All natural with no chemical additives.
- Retains shape and firmness (for even support)
- Will not develop pockets
- Extremely durable, flexible and resilient- will last up to 20 years.
- Natural rubber plantations help to reverse the "Greenhouse Effect".
- Resistant to moisture build-up.
- Naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic.
- Mold and dust free

It usually 14 business days to make the mattress- AFTER we receive the tracing.
Ships from California. Shipping time varies according to your location, from 3-7 days.

Treat your baby to the best! For More information about baby mattresses see:
Why buy an Organic Crib Mattress?

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