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24" X 38" Porta Crib Mattress

24" X 38" Porta Crib Mattress
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We offer this Organic Wool & Natural Rubber Porta Crib Mattress as a healthy alternative to the one that comes with your infant's Porta Crib or CoSleeper, assuring her of a healthier, more comfortable sleep.

These are the sturdiest organic mattresses made just for infants.


Made with a self protecting organic wool puddle pad fabric on
the outside with a 2" or 3" natural rubber core.

No need to buy a puddle pad. Simply rinse off and hang dry if soiled.

The organic wool wrap is moisture and bacteria resistant. We recommend a cotton pad (can be a receiving blanket) between the sheet and the mattress for added moisture protection.

* Specifically designed to fit standard Porta Cribs
* Measures 24"x 38 " x  2" or 3"
* The natural rubber inside provides support and firmness with comfort.
* The organic felted wool wrap makes it moisture, flame and bacteria resistant.
* Meets all CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) guidelines.

Some interesting facts about Natural Rubber Mattresses:
- Made from a renewable resource
- All natural with no chemical additives.
- Retains shape and firmness (for even support)
- Will not develop pockets
- Extremely durable, flexible and resilient- will last up to 20 years.
- Natural rubber plantations help to reverse the "Greenhouse Effect".
- Resistant to moisture build-up.
- Naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic.
- Mold and dust free

Treat your baby to the best! For More information about baby mattresses see:
Why buy an Organic Crib Mattress?

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