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Organic Stokke Crib Mattress ~ Wool Top

Organic Stokke Crib Mattress ~ Wool Top
Wool Outer Stokke MattressCLOSE UP of  Wool Outer on a different mattressRubber Core Detail
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This Natural Rubber Stokke Crib Mattress is as pure as a mattress can be and one of the highest quality crib mattress available!

An organic crib mattress provides the best start for your babies by protecting them from the harmful chemicals in conventional crib mattresses and ensuring both health and comfort.

Wool & Natural Rubber Stokke Crib Mattress features:

* Medium firm for infants and toddlers
* Inner structure is a 3" natural latex rubber core.
* The rubber core is covered with organic O-Wool fabric
* This fabric naturally protects the mattress from moisture
* Measures 26.75 x 47.35 x 3"
* Meets all CPSC safety requirements.
* Meets Federal flame retardant guidelines using only natural wool.
* No cotton on top means it will not be prone to bacteria growth from moisture.

Mattress is NOT AS PICTURED above.
See correct mattress photo in the thumbnails.

Please note: If your crib has a spring support, we recommend that you insert a piece of
low VOC plywood between the springs and mattress to give it the extra firmness for infants.

Facts about Natural Rubber Mattresses:
- Made from a renewable resource
- All natural with no chemical additives.
- Retains shape and firmness (for even support)
- Will not develop pockets
- Extremely durable, flexible and resilient- will last up to 20 years.
- Natural rubber plantations help to reverse the "Greenhouse Effect".
- Resistant to moisture build-up.
- Naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic.
- Mold and dust free

Organic sheets & organic cotton moisture pad (recommended to protect your mattress)
are also available. See links below

Made in USA.
Usually ships in 7 business days.
No additional shipping charges.

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