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Wool Moisture Pads TWIN

Wool Moisture Pads TWIN
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Use this 100% Organic Wool Moisture Pad to protect your mattress from moisture and stains.

Our certified organic Wool Moisture Pads are made from a unique blend of organic merino and organic U.S. wool from healthy organically raised sheep for a super soft, dense feel.

The pure wool is expertly felted here in the United States to create a perfect pad to resist liquids.
Great for young wetters.

You must have some cotton (like a sheet) on top to absorb the liquid. We also recommend an organic
cotton pad for absorbency if there is danger of spills or substantial leakage.

2 sizes and styles to fit either Twin (39x76) or Twin XL (39x80) mattresses.
* Flat style has serged edges and elastic corner straps.
* Fitted style features wool on sides as well for total protection and snug fit.
Elastic all the way around , fits up to 12" deep mattress.

Wash and Care. Over sized to allow for the shrinkage, you can machine wash
in cool water on delicate cycle. Hang dry indoors. Dries fast.

Keep in mind our wool pads do not need constant washing because wool does
not harbor bacteria, odors or mold. Airing is even better than washing to retain
the natural lanolin.

A note about Mattress Protectors:
Wool pads are water resistant protecting from spills and larger wetness.
Cotton pads absorb moisture to protect from sweat and light moisture.
For total protection from leaks and spills- in the case of young bed wetters, nursing moms, etc- we recommend using both.

Made in USA.
Usually ships in 3-5 business days
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