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Toddler/ Child's Organic Pillows ~ 7 Fills

Toddler/ Child's Organic Pillows ~ 7 Fills
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These Child's Organic Pillows are just the right size for your little one to feel like she has her very own pillow- just like mom's and dad's.

Based on chiropractors' and doctors' recommendations, the pillows are lightly filled for the comfort, health and safety of your child. 

All of our Toddler Pillows measure 14" x 20". They fit side by side on a twin bed for those snugly siblings. Perfect size for a small child to carry / drag around.

Available with 7 types of stuffing- all pure and organic so children will not have to breathe harmful chemicals.

Shredded Rubber Child's Pillow is the most versatile organic pillow and definitely our favorite. This pillow softly cradles your child's neck and shoulders. Natural rubber inhibits dust mites, bacteria, and mold.  The stuffing moves around inside the case so the child can get comfortable. Easy machine wash and dry. 

VEGAN Organic Cotton Toddler Pillow is the perfect choice for
those who want an all cotton pillow that provides a firmer support.
Carded and then rolled, the filling is covered by a strong organic cotton fabric.
Spot clean only, best not to get wet at all. We recommend the thicker fleece
pillowcases for this one.

Kapok Child's Pillows are the organic, hypoallergenic alternative to down pillows.
Very soft, yet firm and somewhat flat. Made of 8 oz of organically grown kapok, organic cotton outer.
Machine wash hand wash cycle, machine dry regular. Re-fluff your kapok pillows by placing them in
a hot dryer for about 10 minutes.

Kapok is harvested from the seedpods of the ceiba tree, a renewable resource.
This tree also provides food, medicine, shelter and transportation.  

Kapok Travel / Child's Pillow - Medium Fill:  
This pillow is 14 x 20" with an organic cotton outer and 12 ounces of Kapok fill.

Woolie Ball Toddler Pillow is unique and very comfortable. 
Made by putting wool through an extruder that mats it together to form balls.
The tiny balls resist attaching to each other so the pillow doesn't compact. 

This is the best pillow for children who suffer from ear aches beacause of wool's soothing properties
and- due to the loose nature of these soft balled up woollies- the pillow prevents pressure on the ear.
Can be occasionally machine washed (hand wash cycle, air dry indoors, dries fast).
Certified organic wool covered with our organic cotton damask.

EcoWool Child's Pillow:
Our EcoWool is the purest thing next to fully certified organic wool. 8 oz EcoWool fill with an organic cotton European Damask outer. Wool is harvested from healthy, organically raised sheep and processed in a  wool only facility that never uses chemicals on anything- so it remains clean and pure.

Wool fill is naturally bacteria and dust mite resistant. Unique garneting technique maximizes longevity and ensures that the fillings remain even and smooth. To care for your wool fill pillow simply spot clean the outside and air dry.

Certified Organic Wool Child's Pillow: 
Same as above but with  organic certification from start to finsh.

Organic Cotton Pillow Cases for these pillows are here.

For smaller pillows see Organic Boudoir / Travel Pillows here.
NOTE Boudoir Shams will not fit this pillow.

To learn more about Natural Rubber & Organic Wool, visit our Articles Library.

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Just like Mom's - but toddler sized!My toddler son absolutely loves his wool pillow - which is the closest thing I could find to basically being a miniature version of my own pillow. I imagine that even after he's ready for a larger pillow, this one will still be enjoyed for years to come as an extra throw pillow. Written by Di on Tue 5 Aug 2014 5:17:11 AM GMT
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