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Organic Kapok Pillow

Organic Kapok Pillow
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Our new Organic Kapok Pillows are eco friendly, vegan, healthy and comfortable too!

Kapok is a fluffy, silky yellowish fiber, similar in feel to milkweed or down, harvested sustainably from the seed pod of the tropical ceibo tree. The tree itself is not cut down during harvesting--only the seed pods are removed and the fibers extracted.

Kapok fiber is very similar to silk making the pillow feel firm
yet soft inside.

Because kapok fibers are light, very buoyant, this pillow offers
great support without matting down over time like cotton.

Covered in our fancy European organic cotton damask for an attractive and durable pillow.

Care: Occasionally machine wash on hand wash cycle and air dry indoors. Dries fast.

Available in 3 sizes with 2 fill weights for each size.

See our Bedding Collections for organic pillow cases. Link below.

Made in USA
Usually ships in 5-10 business days.

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