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Organic Molded Rubber Pillows

Organic Molded Rubber Pillows
Contour Pillow w/ Organic Cotton Knit outer.Contour Pillow
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This all natural Molded Rubber Pillow is made from a
solid piece of natural rubber that shapes to your neck to
offer optimum cervical support.

You will be pleased with the superior comfort of our very flexible, 4.5" high pillow.   

Due to the holes formed when making the pillow, it
breathes and ventilates well to prevent over heating. 

The cover is  a thick and supple organic cotton knit that
makes the pillow feel even softer.

Cover removes for washing. Pillow is spot clean only.

Molded rubber pillows come in Standard & Queen sizes.

The unique shape of this pillow supports your neck in its most
natural position. Tension headaches as well as neck and shoulder pain, can be greatly relieved while using a contour pillow.  
Airway blockage, a major cause of snoring, can also be reduced. 
DIMENSIONS: 16x24: The different lofts are 4.25"; 3.5"; & 5".

We use the best Dunlop rubber with high purity standards.
Talalay rubber has artificial vanillin containing dimethyl sulfate.
Read more about Natural Rubber here. 

Made in USA
Usually ships in 3-5 business days.

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