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Organic Shredded Rubber Pillows ~ 7 Sizes

Organic Shredded Rubber Pillows ~ 7 Sizes
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Our all natural Shredded Rubber Pillow is the most
versatile and "user friendly" of all the organic pillow options.

Loosely filled with bits of organically grown and processed shredded latex, you can move it around to cradle your head
in comfort and create support just where you prefer providing great support without ear pressure.

Our customers love feel of the springiness and the adjustability of the rubber pieces; they easily move inside the pillowcase to tuck under your neck, around your head... Also great for pets- especially older ones- and children.

As an added bonus, the natural rubber inhibits dust mites, bacteria and mold so it is an ideal solution for allergy sufferers.


* Organic woven European damask cover makes the pillow
durable enough for washing. When soiled, machine wash on
gentle cycle and dry on moderate heat.

* Knit cover is a thick and supple organic cotton. This pillow
must be spot cleaned or lightly hand rinsed. Features a zipper
so you can adjust the fill to your liking (main photo).

These pillows are a light to medium loft. Light fill is recommended
for back sleepers, medium fill for side sleepers, heavy fill for large
people and those who enjoy a high, thick loft. Extra rubber shreds 
are available should you require a thicker pillow.
Euro & Boudoir pillows are heavily stuffed, Child's is a light fill.

Standard 20 x2 6 36 oz
Queen 20 x 30    51 oz
King 20 x 35   64 oz
Boudoir 12 x 16   15 oz
Child 14 x 20  15 oz
Euro 26 x 26 48 oz
Body 9 x 60 112 oz

We use ONLY tested pure Latex Green rubber. Instead of just
shredding our mattress scrap, we buy super soft cores and hand
shred them. This way, we can guarantee the pieces to be smaller,
softer and more consistent than any other.  
Read more about Natural Rubber here. 

See our Bedding Collections for organic pillow cases. 

Made in USA Usually ships in 3-5 business days.

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