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Organic COTTON Mattress Pads ~ Sizes Twin-King

Organic COTTON Mattress Pads  ~ Sizes Twin-King
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Protect your mattress with a 100% Organic Quilted Cotton Mattress Pad that is easy to care for and adds comfort to your bed.

These are the most durable and the most washable organic pads available.

Quilting is needle punched through all layers for longevity and to prevent the lumping common with other mattress pads.

Pads feature organic cotton batting inside and an organic cotton 250 thread count silky sheeting outer to create a pad that absorbs and protects.

Machine wash warm and warm dry- you can throw it in laundry along with the sheets. Use white distilled vinegar for added absorbency and softness.

Flat style- no straps or ties yet it stays firmly in place.

A note about Mattress Protectors:
Wool pads are water resistant protecting from spills and larger wetness.
Cotton pads absorb moisture to protect from sweat and light moisture.
For total protection from leaks and spills- in the case of young bed wetters, nursing moms, etc- we recommend using both.

Usually ships in 3-5 business days.

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