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What is PUL?
What is PUL?

PUL is short for Polyurethane Laminate.
It refers to any fabric that has been laminated with polyurethane to make it waterproof.
It is breathable, allowing for a lower, temperature inside the diaper than disposables.
PUL is used for diaper covers, pail liners, wet bags, bibs, AIO's & pocket diapers, etc.
It is 100% waterproof, durable and able to withstand hot water washing and high heat
drying over the life of your diapers.
Is PUL safe for my baby?

Both PUL and polyester are relatively new, synthetic fabrics created from petroleum.
They are BPA, lead & phthalate-free and claimed to be non toxic. More research is needed.
Some moms do experience PUL causing rashes and skin reactions on their babies.
Emerging research is showing that polyester is not as safe as previously thought.
It slowly emits phytoestrogens, which can cause certain types of cancers.
We do not recommend using fleece diapers, diaper covers or "eco fleece" at all.
At times in your baby's diapering life, the convenience of using PUL occasionally
may balance its' potential hazards.

Alternatives to PUL:
~ Wool is an all natural alternative for diaper covers, wet bags & changing mats. 
~ Organic Caboose covers are made with the PUL sandwiched between 2 layers
of natural bamboo fabrics, thus isolating the PUL completely.
~ Imse Vimse covers and AIO's have organic cotton so the PUL doesnot touch
baby's skin.