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Why Hemp?

* Hemp is a natural fiber and one of the safest natural resources to maintain.
* Products made from hemp offer an ideal alternative to fabrics produced using
   chemicals and methods that are harmful to the environment.
* The fibers found in hemp materials are durable and resistant to mold and mildew.
* They absorb dyes well and are less prone to fading than other materials.
* Their long, natural, soft fibers gives the fabric better insulation- meaning it will keep
   you warmer in cold weather. 

We offer three product categories that are made from or include hemp:
Diapers, Diaper Bags &  Crib Bedding Sets.

The following articles are  courtesy of the companies who make these products.  


cw bagCastleWare proudly uses Romanian hemp fabrics which are
manufactured from 100% water-retted hemp fiber—an all natural
biological process us
ed to
extract the hemp fiber from the stalk
of the plant.

The hemp is grown without herbicides and pesticide susing responsible hemp
cultivation and processing methods that have remained unchanged for generations

When you choose hemp you are…

  • Reducing you and your family’s exposure to allergens and chemicals.
  • Helping to keep industrial waste out of groundwater and streams.
  • Helping to eliminate farm workers exposure to life-threatening substances.
  • Supporting sustainable farming practices and traditional farming families.
  • Increasing soil health and biodiversity.
  • Shopping responsibly by choosing a product made from a long lasting
    and biodegradable fabric.




SB Diaper


 Swaddlebees use hemp fabrics for 3 reasons:
absorbency, durability & anti-microbial properties.


1. Because it absorbs four times more than cotton alone , hemp fabrics are widely known
    to be one of the most absorbent materials used for diapering. 
2. More durable than cotton, it  can help your diaper last longer. 
3. Its natural anti-microbial properties ensures that your baby's diaper stays free from mold,
     fungus, and bacteria that can cause diaper rash.